Case study

A story of two products (two companies, two speeds)

Rodrigo Tello

Last update: 2023-08-14

Disclaimer: due to Shopify's secretive culture, NDAs and public company status, I'm not able to fully show internal artifacts, screenshots, or quantitative information.

I joined Shopify in the Summer of 2020, towards mid-2021. I was able to contribute to UX of Apps, Shop (its' only consumer app) and Theme Store (newly formed team).


Follow for Shop App

Shop wasn't necessarily a teams team, but one big team. I was able to collaborate with their lead designer, head of marketing, customer support lead, infrastructure engineer, iOS engineer, marketing, and more.

All collaboration happened almost "in real-time" via Slack and, most importantly for me, via Figma

I worked in a sprint-like fashion with the Shop App team to ideate, designed, prototype, and launch the whole *follow* functionality: buyers can follow their favorite merchants, prompted after buying, and get notifications of new products in stock, discounts, and more.

My role: I prototyped prompts for buyers to subscribe to merchants via Checkout, Follow and social functionalities in-app, Notifications, Dashboard experience for merchants to prompt (i.e. "Turn on Shop Follow to let your buyers follow up and get updates!").

Theme Store

Shopify's Theme Store was launched in As part of the Ecosystem Team, I helped revitalized the Shopify's Theme store. Leadership wanted to push Themes to (1) rely on subscription model (if possible), (2) turn certain artifacts to zero (for the case of apps).

My role: I helped conducting multiple A/B tests experiments, mockups for specific features to high-light, light-illustration and iconography, lead workshops, user research, user testing, and so more.

Teams involved:



Shopify Theme Store full redesign launched in 2022.