Rodrigo Tello, computer interface designer


I'm Rodrigo Tello, a designer working on Computing-Augmented Imagination™.

* AKA product designer, AKA UX/UI designer.

I create apps, websites, software, and networks. Computing & art for everyone.


I'm a digital product designer, commonly known in the tech industry as "product designer" or "UX/UI designer" (I personally prefer computing interface designer). I've designed programming environments for kids, marketplaces for the biggest eCommerce platform, and AI-driven chat search engines. I've also launched and grown premium subscription services, A/B tested growth funnels, done product roadmaps, written company strategy, lead user research & user testing, project management, creative direction, and more.

In a past life, I co-founded an eCommerce startup, a social network for creators, as well as a small web agency. I taught front-end development to teenage girls. As a consultant, I helped launch direct-to-consumer furniture brands, and programmed corporate CRM tools. To see my full resume, please send an email.


Björk, Shigeru Miyamoto, Trent Reznor, Kazuyo Sejima, Ivan Sutherland, Seymour Papert, Cynthia Solomon, Alan Kay, Adele Goldberg, Bill Atkinson, Bret Victor, Vi Hart, Stacy Horn, Casey Reas, Ben Fry, Lauren McCarthy, Hayao Miyazaki, Tove Jansson, Jenny Holzer, David O’Reilly, Ray & Charles Eames, Barbara Kruger, Daito Manabe, Brian Eno, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Susan Kare, John Baldessari, Lina Bo Bardi, Mark Weiser, Philip Glass, MVRDV, Aphex Twin, Tamiko Thiel, and many more.


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