Towards a bio

Rodrigo Tello, is an interface designer, artist, and enterpreneur.

He's the designer and (co-CEO) product leader and architect and creative director of Hopscotch, a programming environment for artists and animators.

He's a video game designer, of [video game title 1] and [video game title 2].

He's a full time product designer at [insert company]

As an artist he works both with traditional painting and illustration and with experimental animation.

His animation work includes the series The Kingdom of Infinite Boredom, "Computer and me", and small 15 second shorts.

He's an author and illustrator of three children's books, [children's book 1], [children's book 2], and [children's book 3]

He's also an industrial designer and founder of [title] Company, where they make single-purpose hand-made computers made in Brooklyn and Mexico.

He's an educator at Otromundo, a free online school for Mexico.

He's the community organizer of Red Mexicana de Computacion, an educational tech support group for low-income families.

Most recently, he's the founder and CEO of [title], an animation platform for independent artists and animators