I'm gonna get a job as a senior product designer at a company: (1) Tailscale, (2) Cove, (3) Graphite, (4) Castle, (5) Tetra, or (6) Modal.

I'm gonna buy Hopscotch and make it profitable. We're gonna make the web playing experience an arcade were you can play for free, pay for time, and in-app purchases in games. We'll make Hopscotch a professional dev tool where you can export games for Apple's iOS App Store, web, Nintendo Switch and Playdate. We'll launch premium characters and premium blocks. We'll launch full music features: a music editor, better sounds, music, We'll launch independent video games - I'll launch independent video games using Hopscotch, under my own name, or Friendly Software.

I'll redesign and build a studio in my mom's storage and service room. I'll use it to prototype physical objects that I want to make from Mexico, like shoes, concrete, furniture.

I'm gonna launch [animation platform] and make it grow slowly, both by inviting creators and by producing my own independent animations. You'll be able to consume independent movies, shorts, and even GIFs. It'll add to the portfolio of companies by Laboratorio de Imaginacion Aumentada SAPI de CV.

On my art practice, I'll do the following things

I'll develop an experimental animation practice. I'll have 15 seconds stories. This will be the playground to test characters.

I'll start writing the Blue story book and finish in 2023. My next stories will be the Girl and the monster, the girl and the dragon, the "future cyberpunk world of kids wearing masks" universe - I'll need to think how to prototype it, but probably in individual video snippets.

I'll buy a house in Mexico, in Merida. It doesn't matter the state, I'll renovate it with great design and for very cheap. Turn it into a house for rent, a house studio for artists, and a venue. I'll scout the places this year, plan the down payment in 2024, and start construction in 2025.

I'll start the family documentary project this year, 2023.