Hello, neighbor

My name is Rodrigo Tello. I live in Apartment 209. I've lived in this building since 2018. After a couple of surreal years of 2020 & 2021, one of my new life goals is to connect with more people and, most importantly, create a stronger sense of community around me since I sincerely believe that community is the most powerful tool for change we have in the world. So I'll go:

I'm from Mexico; I moved to NYC in 2015. I work as an interface designer at a tech startup. Personal interests include painting, playing guitar & synths - if you ever want to jam, just knock the door - reading about systems and science, practising martial arts - if you ever want to learn Brazilian jiujitsu also just knock, I have a mat ready to practice - and making hot sauces - what Americans would call salsa, but that's a long conversation.

Feel free to send an email or text message if you want to connect, but I don't really check my phone (I don't really use a smartphone). My email also works on iMessage (Apple messaging). You can also say "hi" in the hallway. I have long curly black hair, and I mostly wear black.